Web development
Web development

Our Approach

A website is the cornerstone of an organization’s relationship with the world and is therefore critical to every aspect of operations and marketing communications. Red7e approaches any new website or app project with a focus on strong brand voice, engaging user experience, great creative messaging, distinctive design, and analytics to achieve your company’s goals.


Requirements Scope

At the beginning of the project, our team will deliver a Scope of Work document that outlines all necessary details, goals and timing for the project. This includes functional and technical requirements and any applicable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success.

Competitive Review

The next step is a competitive analysis of similar organizations’ websites and technical trends within the digital space. This allows us to strategically position your company’s website in a competitive light for launch.


A website that serves everyone can sometimes be a turn off to an organization’s most valued users and prospects. That’s why we do not take a cookie cutter approach to creating websites. We seek first to understand target audiences through the development of Personas. In collaboration with clients, Red7e employs research into develop 3-5 representations of primary users, based on the patterns of behavior and needs. This process is critical to the next step of development – user experience scenarios. It allows us to develop a defined user experience for each target audience member, an experience that aligns with their goals and motivations.

User Experience Planning

We believe the user experience (UX) is key to any website or app project. During this phase, we ensure that the consumer journey is outlined through detailed site mapping and design functionality.

Wireframes and Style Tiles

A wireframe of the website or app communicates the layout and hierarchy of content and features. A visual skeleton, the wireframe represents the basic page layout structure and navigation of the site’s pages, as well as major site components. Wireframes are essential to the development process for a number of reasons:

  • They allow the designer/developer to test and refine
  • They provide the ability to visualize content on the page
  • They allow for review and refinement of interface design of forms and interactive elements
  • They help determine programming requirements

Red7e’s style tiles serve to establish the brand personality of the site. They communicate color, texture, typeface, interfaces and various design treatments. Ultimately, the design style helps to form a common language between your website and its users.

Staging and Review

As we are in the beginning stages of a site or app build, we always work closely with your team on review and approvals by providing staging links to review functionality and design layouts. Once the project is close to launch we perform cross-browser and device testing to ensure a smooth transition as the website or app launches.

Content Management System (CMS)

Red7e always has the future in mind. With that being said, we work to develop your website or app in a scalable format to ease the use of expansion in the future. Additionally, we develop content in an easy-to-edit format. We keep your company in mind for maintenance of your website post-launch.