Digital media strategy

Red7e’s approach to digital media centers around building an effective strategy up front. Our digital and traditional media teams collaborate to focus on hyper targeting and optimization, precisely reaching the right target with relevant messaging. Leveraging available data on a client’s customers, competitors, and prospects, Red7e formulates sophisticated strategies and tactics to deliver maximum results.

We eliminate waste from digital marketing budgets, consistently achieving above average campaign performance across industries. Our deep knowledge of digital targeting technology, customer relationship management, and data analysis combined with our extensive strategic partnerships in digital advertising gives us the perspective to create opportunities for meaningful engagement across the digital landscape.

The key to our success is our commitment to ongoing optimization. We never launch a campaign, sit back and enjoy the ride. Intensive monitoring, analysis and communication are an essential part of our process throughout every campaign flight. This ensures that no underperforming tactic wastes marketing dollars and that the best performing strategy is aggressively pursued and perfected. We are always on the forefront of the latest targeting technologies and platforms within digital and social media marketing opportunities.

Red7e offers a broad palette of creative, digital, media and production services. As an enhancement to our core services, we also boast strong collaborative relationships with a curated list of partners and vendors who provide technical and specialized services. We work synergistically with vendor partners to achieve shared goals in a manner that enhances brand voice, consistency and impact.


Red7e provides post-buy reporting and results on all media campaigns. This allows clients to know exactly where their money went, how well it performed according to plan, and where possible, data on specific outcomes. Red7e optimizes media tactics during a campaign, as performance indications become available.